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DPS and Reforge help

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Good afternoon fellow locks. I just had a couple of questions reguarding affliction DPS and using wowreforge.com

First off I feel like my DPS is severely lacking for the gear I currently have equipped. Please see armory link below. I usually average between 40-50k on boss fights while other locks in raid are pulling 60k+ in similar gear. I open with CoE, haunt, SB/SS, followed by MG as filler. I have read numerous guides some of which say have haunt up first to get 25% bonus to dots while others say put up SB/SS on first and then haunt to make sure MG ticks the whole time haunt is up. Does haunt apply 25% damage to dots that are already active? I read that all dots cast take all procs and abilities active during the time of cast and that damage is applied accordingly. And that if you get say a light weave proc you should re fresh your dots for them to get the intellect buff. I've read so much about affliction that I am starting to confuse myself. I'm interested to see what everyone else is doing out there and to see if I am just over thinking all of this.

As far as the wow reforge help I just can't get the website to work for me. I can't figure out how to apply the stat weights to figure out how I need to reforge my gear. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and happy hunting.


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With this gear lvl i would recommended:

15% hit > 3056 haste > mastery > haste > crit

When you reaches around 475 o change it to:

15% > 4717 haste > mastery > haste > crit

More info:



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