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Sub Opner Question (Garrote)

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Hi @ all


I'm wondering why Sub should start with Garrote?

If im checking a Garrote is about ~ 7-10k dmg depents on multistrike.

Ambush is always above 10k dmg average.

So why??? :<

Damien changed it with the Honor Amomg Thieves nerf.

But i cant see any reason for this.


May someone can help me :D


mfG smOkemon

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Saves you a GCD applying both Sanguinary Veins and Find Weakness debuffs on target, instead of Ambushing and Rupturing/Hemorrhaging it.




The only time you're using Garrote is on your opener. Rest of fight, time Ruptures inbetween.

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Garrote applies Sanguinary Vein and Find Weakness at once, which makes building your opener's 5 Combo Points and then Rupturing won't lose out on Sanguinary's damage boost and saves a GCD.  It also costs slightly less Energy, which didn't matter too much back when we had 5+ combo points (and a full S&D) at the start of the fight, but is now decently beneficial since we can enter Shadow Dance with slightly more Energy.

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I just wanted to get the opening sequence down perfectly.

1. Premed: for two combo points

2. Tricks of the trade: target for dps

3. Prepot

4: SnD

5: Garrote

Now: from here do you, hemo then pop SD and SR macro?

Then apply 5 point rupture?

Or do you pop SD and SR right after Garrote, then get hemo, and rupture up after?

Or I suppose you wait to get SD/SR up after Find Weakness from your Garrote wears off?

Any help would be appreciated.

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TotT is no longer a dps boost, so don't bother. Otherwise correct


After Garrote go Ambush > Ambush (if you have the regen / Haste for a second) > BS > Wait > SR > Rupture > Dance


Waiting for energy to pool and HaT to give you more cp

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