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How to post upgraded links

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Hey all, some of you may know how to do this, I did not until this morning when I did some tinkering.  Using the default item link buttons, I could not get *my* items, only the base versions and had to describe what set mine apart.  Like so: Mark of Rapid Replication.  The one I have is Mythic Warforged with a socket, but that is not shown in the base model.  With a tweak though, ta dah: Mark of Rapid Replication!


Here is the trick, when you link the item in your text, it will show as:


[ wdbepic=113854]Mark of Rapid Replication[/wdbepic]


without the space between [ and w.  Now you go to WowDB.com and pick out what options your item has, or link to it directly from AMR and starting with the item number, copy everything after it like so:




This is all the stuff for *your* item.  Then you simply paste it into the text in your post, so final product would look like:


[ wdbepic=113854-mark-of-rapid-replication?bonusIDs=562%2c565%2c567]Mark of Rapid Replication[/wdbepic]


To do the same thing using Wowhead, start would look like:


Champion's Medallion

[ whepic=113598]Champion's Medallion[/whepic]




Champion's Medallion

[ whepic=113598/champions-medallion&bonus=565:567]Champion's Medallion[/whepic]


I hope this helps anyone looking to post their specific item.  Like this post if it helped you! :)



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