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[Resto] Problem with my mate

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I have a resto drood in my guild , but he struggle with his hps.

I don't know anything about this spec so could you help him ?


Some Warcraft logs :





Armory :


What can i say to him in order to up his hps ?

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Heya Shayn,


The first thing that stands out to me is that his uptimes of Lifebloom and the Harmony passive are quite low overall.

It's a bit odd considering your friend is stacking Mastery and then not really making use of it.


This is making him lose free Regrowths, but I see from the logs that he doesn't use his clearcasting procs at all.

In fact, both in the BRF log and n the second log he didn't cast a single Regrowth.


I am also thinking he might just be casting too little, but I am having a bit of a hard time extrapolating numbers from a small raid like yours to the bigger raids I am used to.

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Ok , so he should focus on lifebloom an harmony uptimes , use more his regrowth/clearcasting in general ?

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Ok , so he should focus on lifebloom an harmony uptimes , use more his regrowth/clearcasting in général ?


Honestly you should point him towards a resto druid guide somewhere


Tectus -https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/awGAM1WDgYvzxFVJ#fight=1&type=casts&source=22 


only used 6 spells [129 casts in a 6minute fight]


For something to compare to i pugged normal the other day when I was bored and messing around



fight lasts 30s less, I use 18 spells [184 casts]


[in Before someone states the obvious I was overgeared, heres heroic from 5weeks ago when we're 4 ilvl apart]



Wild mushroom should be up 100% [12 casts instead of 9]

Lifebloom / harmony should be close to 100% [currently 35% / 22%]

He's not using any of the lv60 or lv90 talents

Doesnt use tranq / NS / Ironbark / Barkskin / ANY Clearcasting Procs

0.68% of healing comes from direct heals ohmy.png 0 use of regrowth, 0 swiftmend, 4 casts of HT with 75% overheal

79% time active [21 casts per minute] with a sub 1.5s gcd means he spent ~75s of the fight just standing there doing nothing



Never drops below 50% mana either so isnt casting enough [and when he is its badly timed] while your shaman spends the last minute+ of the fight oom



16 casts of rejuv for 100k healing with 80% overheal etc


EDIT: You are/were overhealing content though, and should try to bring another couple of dps [8-10 if your 3 healing] and it would reduce some of the overheal


EDIT 2: Just noticed armory link, he's missing 150 stats worth of enchants [back/ring] & should prob have more spirit [which will become obvious once he starts improving HPS, no spirit on neck/back or ring, no spirit weapon enchant... i thought playing with sub-1100 was crazy but he only has 894

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The other posters all make valid points, keep HoTs and Harmony rolling more often. One thing I've noticed, is almost non-existant use of Swiftmend and Regrowth, despite Regrowth being glyphed. 


Swiftmend is a great way to keep Harmony up. And glyphed Regrowth is preferable to Healing Touch in almost all cases unless mana conservation is extremely important (I've yet to come across a fight except for maybe Imp, where I couldn't use glyphed Regrowth exclusively). 


Regrowth also keeps Lifebloom up and procs Living Seed! Use it :)

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