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Raiding Frost Mage looking for Advice

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Hello Guys!!


I am hoping someone will be able to help me on here. I am not new to frost mage but i am just not doing well on the raids. I am usually 1-6 dps in raid logs but lately i feel like I am not putting out the numbers where i should be. Last night was the first time into BRF and i didnt know the fights well so didn't perform well at all. I am absolutely terrible at reading logs and simcraft is way over my head. Would anyone be able to help me? Give me advice to some things i should be tweaking or changing?


I really will appreciate it!


here is my Armory 



and here is the logs form LAST week as i was comfortable in these fights. Last night i was just not comfortable and neither were healers or tanks so was a mess. Please look at last tuesday January 27th for better logs. as for some reason it wouldnt link me straight to the fights i wanted you to look at as the things were dead :(



My rotation is simple like most frost mages.


Prepot, cast mirror which i usually hit one ice lance to get them hitting the target, use orb iceyviens, PC use the procs i got then two ice novas. Continue normal frostbolt till procs and when i have just a Frostfire bolt i will use water jet to get two ice lances to play off that frost firebolt. Rince and repeat. 


Thankyou any help or advice would be awesome!!

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throw out all that junk, called worldoflogs

in your gruul's log i cant see using your water elem

also i cant understand which amount of fof or bf procs you use (lost)

cant see how many times you pop up crystal, but judging by log your pc using is not so good (low damage by it)


dont want to see more boses in this wol shit

please use warcraftlogs.com for relevant information

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judging by this


small amount of crystal and ice lance damage (i think cause of not good positioning by tanks)

if they stay in each other, damage of lances will go up (scream at tanks)) )

you cast 4 fo with 6 minutes fight, so where are another 2?

also nova - only 9 casts, why? use it on cd

duration of water jet - bad, try to have 10% of fight time though

also imho a touch frostbolts, you can add for about 10-15 casts


now about buffs

3 mi and 2 iv - you've lost 1 mi and 1 iv here

you have 45 fof procs - use only 35 (for about 77%) - should try to up this to 90% though

also, why dont u use ice floes here? very good when need to run much


this is for twin ogron

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