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Stat Priority (Elemental)

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Is it really necessary to pick multistrike over everything else? I feel like i need a significant amount of haste. I normally have 27% haste and 29% multistrike. I just tried switching my enchants around so now i have 24% haste and 32% multistrike and it feels too slow and does about the same dps.


Not sure why armory says i have 30% haste its 24%.





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Multistrike is quite crucial for its interaction with many of our spells and our secondary attunement. If I take a Lava Burst, which hits for 12,000 and have it multistrike twice, each multistrike lands for 4812 damage or a total of 9,624 damage between both additional strikes. That Lava Burst now has a total of 21,624 damage. That's not counting if those multistrikes ALSO crit... which add 250% to their values (12,030 damage, added to the base Lava Burst makes the spell deal 24,030 damage). Obviously, our Lava Bursts hit for much higher than this with flame shock on the target and with our intellect... but still, multistrike can nearly double the damage of the base spell. This is a VERY good reason to optimize for it. 


Now, I will agree with you on the rotation feeling quite slow without haste. This is precisely why I go with haste as my other secondary to pair with multistrike. It helps with all the movement Blizzard has thrown at us with only a glyphed Spiritwalker's Grace to counter it with. Just remember to take the needs of your group into account when you're gearing. If you are being relied on for AoE DPS and you have to squeeze where you can, you may have to strike a balance between critical strike and haste. 


Hopefully, I left you with more answers than questions. Do not hesitate to tell me I did not answer something for you. 

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Hi GrapeSalad


I think multistrike works well with Elemental, he had work, in some way, since Blizzard added Elemental Overload as a Mastery effect. Now spell_nature_lightningoverload.jpgElemental Overload give you more multistrike power, it increases by 20% the multistrike chance, give 35% more damage on multistrike hits and give you 5% more multistrike from all sources. 


I will agree with you, Elemental is now a quite slow without haste.


I'm probably wrong, but I'm following:

Intellect > Multistrike > Haste => Critical > Mastery > Versatility


I'm prioritizing haste than critical, since the most of raid fights has light or heavy movement. 


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