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Elemental rotation help!

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I have a questions regarding optimizing my Ele rotation:


Should I /stopcasting say, a Lightning Bolt, to cast a Lava Burst that just came off CD? Sometimes I would get a Lava Surge proc before I finish casting said Lightning Bolt, making me feel like a wasted an opportunity to get an additional Lava Burst in.


Thanks in advance!

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Everything I've read comes down to...


We are casting and should be casting at all times.  If you stop a cast for lavaburst, what exactly did you accomplish during that cast time?   Finish the cast and then press lavaburst should be more dps then canceling. I'm sure you could min/max it say if you are .2s into cast and you get an instant lavaburst proc...maybe....but a full cast time lavaburst, definitely would not cancel my current cast.

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