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Help to how maximise hps as Holy

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Cya All =) 


My name is Alex and would ask some information about H Paly since is the first exp i Play with it and as healer.


Two reports : 

Butcher Hero


Gruul Normal




My Armory : 





So my question is : how maximise my hps ? Don't think I've problem with rotation ( just usually don't use int pot during Wrath )  or in particulary with stats. I know have low spirits but until now is enough to close every boss fight.


As regard butcher i see report where H pally finish with 80k+ healing. Is the problem due to gear ? 


Any suggest are well accepted. Help me to reach the top =P



Ps : glyphs and talents could be different when doing arena.  Usually use EF + Faith 

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Greeting Shyla! Welcome to the world of holy paladin healing biggrin.png  One thing worth noting with regard to Butcher is that if you are positioned in melee range you will be able to build more holy power and spend less mana for more AoE healing by throwing Crusader Strikes and then spending the holy power on Light of Dawn. I also recommend the talent Sanctified Wrath + the glyph Merciful Wrath. I also noticed that gear makes a HUGE difference to healing and mana-regen for a holy paladin. Hope some of this information helps.

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Hi Rotes =) I tryed to stay in melee but reading some tips about hpally someone consider crusder strike a waste of Hps.  I always use Sancti + Merficul wrath glyph.


Analizing fight where some hpally do about 80k healing on butcher for ex i see it's cause they are able to crit with holy light 100k too, where my holy light in wrath can reach max 60-65k. So i could explain it only in two manner. First of all : they have about 200-300 starting int more. And they probably use bloodlast + Wrath + 1000 int potion combo .


I've to try anyway. These days was thinking , despice from utility , is more hps use Ef only on raid avoiding completely tank ?


I want to be clare. Don't matter reach 60k+ healing and heal in a wrong way, prefer heal ppl who need when they need. I'm just curious how reach high hps when i've the possibility =P

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100k crit - int pot+a bit more int from gear(flask/enchant/rune/int-trink) + unglyphed AW + bloodlust + 75talant for AW = no cd shock(-50% from talant, -20% base haste, -30% BL)+100% crit(20% from talant, 25% with buff, so it will be 90% couse of double crit chance) so after each shock your GreatHeal cast time will be 0.5.

So you press int pot before fight starts and use AW when butched first time hit cleave on group, cast HolyPrism. Next party you spam shock-greatHeal+shock+greatHeal+EF+shock and so on 30 sec.

If fight lenght about 3.30 min, you will press AW second time at 3.10~3.15 and use int pont second time, and you will spam shock+holyradiance = profit.


Also this hps for 15ppl raid with 2 heals. And your raid was 20 with 5.


I do not reccomend use CS - it cost 3.2k mana, same as your GH. Also it will cost you GCD without heal output and give you only 1 HP for EF, and EF is more like mana-conserv heal, not hps-burst. Also not reccomend using LoD, it's weaker than EF.

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If you want to maximize your HPS, take the number of healers you think you need and then have one of them switch to DPS spec. Probably a good idea anyway as 5 healers for a 20 man raid is a lot and a couple of them were underperforming because there were just too many of you. You could do the job with 3, certainly with 4.

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