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[FROST]Frost Bomb my PC?

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I'm a raiding frost mage and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas about this.  I know a lot of people hate both frost bomb and prismatic crystal but hypothetically if i FO and drop PC and have two fingers of frost procs from the orb before i've used a GCD can/should i frost bomb my crystal before dumping my FoF charges on it.  At this point when specced for FB if i see 2 FoF charges my fingers want to cast FB on my target before using them.  I've done some looking into this but nobody seems to say much... possibly because it's a silly question, but i figured i'd ask anyway.  Thanks in advance.

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no u should cast FB on ure PC us should cast FB on ure Maintarget and then through glyph of splitting ice triggering the Fb on Maintarget and the FoF on the PC.

Ure goal is to hit the PC as often as hard as u can, so casting 1.X sec a FB that doesnt do much on its own isnt worth it.


I dont have any simcraft data to back this up just some testing of my own at dummies with both variations.

But for raiding i switched back to IN and TV since i feel the dps loss is so less that u can ignore it, and IN and TV give u more freedom to move around and ure less likely to waist dmg since the boss was moved out of ure PC

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