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Disc Priest (665) LF GUILD

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Hello everyone! My name is Freddie iam 25 years old and from Esbjerg, Denmark. 

Im living alone en a little apartment just outside the city and are right now in between jobs, but im also concidering taking up an aducation i was taking in the Metal industri and was hoping to resume my education as Industrial Technician in the beginning of 2015, im also able to be an adult apprentice after becomming 25 :)


The reason i decided to look for a new guild are that the guild i was in went inavtive in the end of MoP, but i wanted to give em a last shot doing start of WoD too see if things that i didnt like might would chance. They went inactive going last of MoP because most players didnt "Have time" for progressing the rest of SoO Heroic(mythic) because as soon WoD would be released they had to get all new gear anyways.. And anyone who knows me would also know that this keinda attitude is NOT like mine! i actually only care about gear because it makes me able to continue hardere encounters and more advanced playing, progress and gearing should go hand-in-hand.


I relly cant remember what more to write about.. Yea maybe my previous raid experience. Ive been raiding in ALL expansions unless Cataclysm, i did also raid in Vanilla  :) so everytime a new raid instance pops im just excited to get into it and learn it all the hard way :P My raiding have been and will continue to be more serious since Siege of orgrimmar. 


PLEASE if theres anything you would like to know, or theres anything you think that i have left out, feel very free to contact me in anyway or reply to this so that i can fast as possible get the information you are seeking out here :D


Basic information


Player name: Zolly-thunderhorn EU (ATM)


Current ilvl is 665


Class: Priest.

Race: Undead.

Gender: Male.

Proffesions: Alchemy & Herbalism  (fishing, cooking, archeology) no need for First Aid.


programs for communication: VT, TS, Munble & Skype.


and ofc ill drop a link for my Armory profile aswell: 




Alt's             : Jageren-Stormreaver (EU)


ill also drop the only screenshot i could find from WoD Raiding and whit my UI as it looks now. Tho the screenshot is from a wipe :p


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