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Prot Pld H BRF Taking A lot of damage

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I've been playing prot pally sense WoTLK, so I feel like I'm pretty confident at it. I read Theck's blog and try to keep up to date with his findings as well as SIMC my toon.


I am now in a guild with a Monk tank. He is destroying me in all aspects of tanking. He doubles my DPS and my Healing. He also takes less damage than me.


I switch up my talents per fight to suit the fight. But let's look at H-Gruul as that is my latest disappointment.

I run WA script to get the most out of my abilities. 

I have noticed a big difference in guild's I've run with. This guild doesn't seem to keep me at high HP as fast as my other guilds I've run with. I assume it is because the mnk tank takes less and heals more than me. So they are not use to the large amount of damage I take. I know that my stacks of overwhelming are what got me one shot. That's an easy fix for that.


Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/fvZnpJwMtzFah4yV#type=damage-taken&hostility=1&source=100


Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuljin/Relaps/advanced


UI:           Wo_WScrn_Shot_011915_162939.jpg



I can switch my enchants around to Haste/Crit/Mastery but 150 of one stat is not going to swing the tides in my favor. Taking less damage and doing more than my other tank.


I was about ready to shelf my pld during heroic brackenspore. I am disliking it more and more. Help me rekindle my love for pld!


So my question is: How can I out preform my monk counterpart? 


Thank you,



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Don't sweat a monk being OP, the nerfbat is lining up a big swing at them! Our dps is poor but survivability and cool downs are second to no one. If you have changed guild it is about trusting the new healers, yes they may be a bit lazy due to the monk but who was the previous tank? The stacks are showing the monk not doing his share, but both of you died once so could be down to that. Keep the faith!

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Monk damage taken 8.8. You 7.8. SelfHeal same.


I am not rly prot-pal, but i am healer. In our guild bdk and ppal tank all raids, and i feel like prot-pal recive less damage than DK, but dk coud heal himself better. So its not "class-problem".


About you - i dont know how you tank grull, but i asume you shoud tank it 50% of time.

So you shoud press your defencive CD more often.

Sacred Shield uptime coud be near ~100 if you want more absorb.

Divine Protection - 2 times per 5 min fight? Our tank press it like 7 times per 4 min fight.

Seraphim uptime coud be higher, good pallys uptime near 50%. It will give you more dps from stats and defence(btw 1kdef = 1k str, so it wil raise your dps even more).

Holy Avanger coud be used more often.

Light Hammer? As i know holy prism with 200% bonus heal(do not remember how this buff called, you recive it for taking damage) coud heal you tons of health(cast on yourself), you coud think about it like one more save per 20 sec.

Or you coud use ES if you want more DPS.

Why do not use Hp pot at all?

Most of prot-pallys use Seal of Righeounes for dps-gain, since seal of truth was nerfed(only for ret now).

Use Hammer of Wrath.

You probably need another trinkets.

Use your trinket more often.

Use pre-pot and second pot.


You probably shoud stack haste, couse it was buffed - was 5% bonus stat, now 30 or 25. Top pallies with 680 gear got near 30% haste unbaffed.

Check this one http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Wildholycat/advanced

Also chek this, its rly intresting https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/cx1j74bkTHDRzNpL#fight=81&type=damage-done&source=205

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I don't believe the Haste and seal changes have been implemented yet since they come with patch 6.1. So Mastery is still the best secondary stat after Bonus Armor. And don't get too used to Glyph of Harsh Words (if you clicked the links) since they will remove it from prot arsenal same patch.

I'd say pre-pot is for dps since they get substantial benefit from it in the pull with Heroism and procs stacking up. As tank (and healer) it would be overkill since the encounters rarely dish up high damage abilities at the pull. But ofc you could push your dps with a str pot.

But otherwise the advice from Elarion are sound and standard if you look to improve - higher uptime on cooldowns help - there is no need for them not to be used unless you save them for special occasions.

I agree on Holy Prism vs. Light's Hammer on this fight. Roughly equal healing but has shorter cd (60s vs. 20s). An instant HP heal with Resolve buff is another life-saver.

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Hi there!


Just found your post while lurking and thought I'd provide you with my two cents!

I raided previously as a Guardian Druid, however have been Protection Paladin since the release of WoD.


So first off, Haste received a massive buff, you'll want to be enchanting into that now. Decreased global cooldown works great for increased holy power generation.


I main tank for my guild and on the first rotation of overwhelming blows, I take 11 stacks before the first transition.

My off tank (also a brewmaster monk) takes this on the second Phase One. (I don't know if this is the norm, but it works for us).

She does appear to take less damage, but I guess that's just part of Brewmaster Monking, they have stagger which reduces their initial damage by a huge percentage and they get a lot of defensive cooldowns too,


Having looked through your logs your uptime on Seraphim was only 29%. Unless you can keep this up ~40% of the time or more, it's not worth you taking it. 

You also don't tend to use defensive cooldowns. I mean, you only have 29% uptime on Shield of the Righteous, that's your main defensive. You need to have it up a lot more than that. It's a constant 30% physical damage reduction which is massive on a fight where the stacks are increasing further damage by 10%.


As Elarion said, you only used Divine Protection twice, you need to use that when Seraphim is down. The rotation for Seraphim (in case you're unsure) is 5HP > Seraphim > 5HP > As Seraphim runs out pop Shield of the Righteous > 1 HP > Shield of the Righteous (giving you 6 secs of the buff) > Then Once that runs out pop Divine Protection.


The Inferno Slice hits for a massive amount. For the second/third one you take you'll need to pop a larger cooldown. Kings or Ardent Defender are useful.


You want either Seraphim (for DPS) or Holy Shield (for a bit more passive survivability) Empowered Seals is useless and not worth the investment.

Holy Prism is good for heals or for aggro fights (think beastlord for the adds or tectus etc) but for DPS you'll want either Lights Hammer (multi-target) or Execution sentence for single target fights.

Generally, if you find you're taking a lot of damage (as you've said you are) you'll want to roll with Holy Prism and then Seraphim if you want the active play style or Holy Shield if you want a passive one.

For Gruul also, I would recommend the Divine Protection glyph that splits it to 20% physical and 20% magical. It's amazing for the Inferno Slice.


Hope this helps!

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My apologies for wrong information. I was not aware that the developers already changed Sacred Duty. At least Seal of Truth will be removed for Prots in 6.1.

And Empowered Seals gets partly buffed which I had a lot of hopes for before I discovered they are removing Truth. Now the dps option from seal weaving suddenly disappears which actually removes the point in seal weaving namely the option to use seals to adapt to your changing roles during encounters.

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