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The butcher encounter, please look at my logs

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I am aware HM will now become obsolete with the unveil of BRF. But, we will still be running it on off raid nights.

For this butcher encounter, Pandacho, can you please look at my logs? I took a look at yours and I am underperforming significantly. However, our attempts were mediocre and we were not up for a long time since people had trouble with stacks and it was just a disaster. This was our best attempt. 



I am using Rushing Streams Talent. You have any advise?


Thanks in advance.

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Sure, I will take a look. But can you please make a new topic for it smile.png

This is not a right place for logs parsing.



1. I'm not sure that your raid stays on required HPS / DPS  for this fight. You can check WCL for the Butcher Mythic - I went not for the first pages, but for the last ones - with rankings 6000+ and even made a queue for the same raid composition as yours - here.

The thing is that both of your HPS and DPS seems lower than needed. There are kills with more or less similar HPS, but total DPS there was way higher (like 490K against yours 390-430K), there were some fights with DPS around 430-450K, but in this case their HPS for every healer was 60K+ - so they were able to keep raid alive longer.


2.The first thing that jumped to my sight was actually your resto druid Overheal - it's much higher than of other healers, so I had a closer look at him.

He overheals a lot with Tranquility. If Raid CDs are called by your RL then he should change the time ot you have to combine Tranq with the Aspect of Fox from hunter, so the channeling would not be interrupted. From what I see in logs, it is casted in wrong time (50-70% overheal).

He goes OOM mostly after 2 minutes of fight which is awful. There are a couple of reasond for it: spamming of Wild Growth and wrong spell choice.

His Rejuv uptime is low - and it is the main resto healing spell, he does not use Wild Mushroom on CD, barely uses single target spells and overuses Genesis and Swiftmending.

He barely uses Lifebloom which is mandatory for getting Clearcasting (free of mana cast) buff - in some tried he does not get even one proc, his Harmony (+10% healing buff) uptime is very low because he does not use single target spells.


I would ask whether this druid knows to play the class?


3. Disc Priest.

Wrong talent in T7 - should have Clarity of Will on Mythic Butcher

Poor usage of Archangel buff: 11-25% uptime is just... bad.

Spamming PoH without Empowered Archangel buff

PW: Solace is not casted on CD - should be 

Cascade is not casted on CD - should be


He goes OOM around 2:30 min of the fight - not good...


4. You

Try to focus on getting higher uptime of Riptide and Healing Rain.

Try to use Ascendance starting from the first 2 stacks of Cleave - in this case you'll be able to use it at least twice during the fight.

You can use a macro for instant HR with Ancestral Swiftnes, especially after knocking back.

If you are going for High Tides, I would advice to change AS to EotE - to have more Riptided targets for your Chain heals.

Try to use Unleashed Life before casting Chain Heal whenever it's possible - it is a +30% healing buff - and you are casting CH a lot (which is a right thing to do in this encounter).

Your HTT overheals a lot (around 60%). Once more, if your RL calls for raid CDs, he should check once more the timing. Meanwhile both Tranquil and HTT usage is not great.


So, I don't see any significant problem with you specifically, but more with the overall fight management.

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Tranquility. [...] is interrupted after 3-4 ticks (full cast is 8 ticks).


No, four ticks is a full Tranq cast (heals every 2 sec for 8 sec, so 4 ticks) wink.png

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No, four ticks is a full Tranq cast (heals every 2 sec for 8 sec, so 4 ticks) wink.png

Right, messed it up with seconds smile.png

Edited by Pandacho
Moved this discussion from T17 tips and tricks to more appropriate place.

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the amount of HPS you guys are putting out is not gonna make it, especially with how low everyone's mana is at 2:30.  The frenzy is gonna wreck you.


Use conductivity for this fight; it will save you a lot of mana and HR almost always has something to heal.  Be sure you're throwing out riptides on CD, either on the tanks or on the current cleave stack.  You only cast riptide 13 times in 2.5m.  After some consideration I think I like high tides better than CBT on this fight, but CBT isn't bad and might help you do more HPM.


You can use ascendance/HTT early to try and save some mana and/or scumbag some HPS, but you have to use them really early so that you'll have them for the frenzy.  I wound up not doing this on most of our pulls, since the frenzy was happening a bit before the 3 minute mark.  I assume your HTT at 2min was a raid saving move, but you really can't be using raid CDs outside the frenzy and expect to get through it.


here's the report from our first kill, if you like: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/9zkwxjLWXAmTHpVc#type=healing

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also, depending on how you are positioning the fight you may be able to use one herolust early for the tanks/DPS, and another at the frenzy for the healers.  We pull him back into the little water pools, so we had the healers stand back there and the initial lust-er far enough away that we didn't get the buff/debuff.  

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