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Different Mistweaver Stat Priority

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What do you guys think about Intellect, spirit (1400-1500), multistrike, critical strike, mastery, versatility, haste. I feel like mastery is a lot better than people give it credit for at least for Mistweaver. Not only does the chance of an orb increase but the healing increases per point of mastery as well. So with all these heavy AoE fights in BRF having tons of healing spheres out + detonating all the spheres during heavy damage + uplift can really shine. I don't find much need for haste as mistweavers have a multitude of instant casts and uplift is the only spell that really benefits. Whereas versatility which gives a flat increase to healing and then mastery which allows you to have tons of orbs out that can each heal for about 5k, 10k for a crit, and proc your multistrike. What are your guys thoughts so far on stat priority for BRF?

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