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Fury Dps Help

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Hi Oldspice , I think the main problem here is the talents you have chosen. You should be taking Dragon Roar,BladeStorm and if you have the 4 set Anger Management if not just take Ravager. You wanna open with all your cooldowns and pop Dragon Roar and Ravager soon as you can so that they will be back up by the intermission phase, i would not bladestorm since its a dps decrease on single target. Keep your single target rotation going until the Rune of Grasping Earth phase where you have to get grabbed by the hands. Here you wanna Heroic Leap somewhere near the center of the room where you will hit the most Grasping hands possible. Pop your trinkets (Recklessness will not be up on the first hand phase), Berserker Rage to make sure you are enraged to get that 15%+ dps increase, Dragon Roar and BladeStorm , this is where your dps will spike and you will get everyone around you out within seconds. Once bladestorm is done dps down your hand if its not broken yet and start heading back towards melee while hitting every Grasping Hand on your way with Bloodthirst/Execute since most will be 20%ish. After this go back to the boss and rinse and repeat making sure you have Dragon Roar , Ravager and Bladestorm up for each intermission phase.

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