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Holy/Disc - Stats

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Ostensibly my main spec is Holy, but I play Disc about half of the time. We do have a MS Disc priest - but I play Disc when they are late or absent - or when holy is not strong in a fight. 

Currently, my enchants are Multistrike - and I grab this gear whenever I can. Should I enchant for crit or haste perhaps - to benefit each spec more, without picking a stat that is not good for the other spec? Multi strike is just not good for Disc. 


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As crazy as it may sound, you are doing it right.  Multistrike is the stat that translates to both Disc and Holy.  Haste is poor for Disc, great for Holy.  Crit is rated below Mutlistrike on both specs, even if just by a hair.  >.<    Stick with it, switching off your current selection, based on weights up to this point in theorycrafting, would show a decline in one or even both specs.

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