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Specific BRF Fight Questions as Demo

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I just picked the lock back up a few weeks ago and started raiding with him again. I started heroic BRF this week and I had some questions around specific fights. I'm running GoSup and DB on all fights. 


1. Oregorger - How do you keep dps up in the crate phase? If I try to hold fury then it gives me the option of throwing out touch of chaos on the move but that probably means I'm missing a DB cycle. Otherwise I'm just throwing out as many affs and dooms as I can. I feel too vulnerable to stand and turret on anything. 


2. Beastlord - The adds seem to die pretty fast so I'm not trying to multi dot them. If I know an add wave is coming, should I hold off on HoG if it's ready so I can 2 stack it on the adds? Since these adds are lower health, would it be better to Chaos Wave instead? It seems like that might push my dps up but without the fury I'd be doing a little less single target damage on the boss which matters more. 


3. Blast Furnace - What's a good mix of multi dot vs single target damage here? Single target damage is obviously important for the priority adds, but multi dotting should give me more fury to do single target damage. I guess what I'm asking, is how many targets should i be trying to keep affliction and doom up on that wouldn't be too detrimental to single target damage on priorities?

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I've found for Oregorger, that when the roll phase comes around, you can cast spells through a certain number of the little piles, it doesn't stop your line of sight completely. Also KJC helped me quite a bit with moving and casting. That's all I can offer right now though aha

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1.  Timing for our phase change happened right as I was ready for my 3rd (I think) DB dump and I opted to use 4DB to fuck up a crate, then go back to my safe spot.  Our group scatters and then collapses back once the boxes are dead.  I take my gateway to an outer edge and have my teleport in a "safe zone".  My location i go, I know it is impossible for him to reach on his first two rolls, so I have time to get my shit done and get out. 


2.  I found the same thing this week, I was quite disappointed.  I couldn't abuze unlimited fury as adds were dieing before i could even get Shadowflame to a double stack.  I started to cast some CW's near the end so I could feel better about myself on the meters, but really that was not needed.  I know these adds wont die as fast on Mythic.  You could try telling those in your raid that don't get significant single target dmg boost to slow down a bit on them, but GL on that.


3.  Dot everything!  The Elementalists are excellent doom placeholders.  With Doom imps, and tons of targets for HoG, you have the fury to spare on the multi dotting, just make sure that you have your full fury bar ready when the elementalist shield goes down.  DB def felt less effective the first time I killed in on Normal, but when we worked on Heroic last night, it felt a lot better.

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