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wow Heirloom Collection In 6.1

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A new blog post over at the official WoW blog has shown how heirloom management will work in patch 6.1 and beyond. In addition to a preview of the user interface, some important instructions on how to set up your heirloom collection when the patch goes live were revealed.


Insofar as how the system works, it will function just like any other account-wide collection, appearing as a tab within the existing collections interface alongside Mounts, the Pet Journal, and the Toy Box. To create a copy of an heirloom item for a character to equip, you can simply right-click on it within the Heirlooms pane.




There are three important things to note about the new system:

  1. Existing Heirlooms are not destroyed or modified. If you have an Heirloom equipped right now, that copy of the heirloom will be left intact, including any enchants you may have applied to it.
  2. Heirlooms now all fall into one of three 'max level' categories - up to 60, up to 90, or up to 100. If you had an heirloom that used to have a maximum level of 85, it will now cap out at level 90. Also, remember that heirlooms can now be upgraded within this progression using inv_icon_heirloomtoken_armor01.jpgAncient Heirloom Armor Casinginv_icon_heirloomtoken_weapon01.jpgAncient Heirloom Scabbardinv_icon_heirloomtoken_armor02.jpgTimeworn Heirloom Armor Casing, orinv_icon_heirloomtoken_weapon02.jpgTimeworn Heirloom Scabbard.
  3. To add heirlooms to your collection, you must log in to the character that currently has them. Heirloom items in the mail will need to be retrieved before they are added to your collection, as well.

Finally, remember that once you have 35 unique Heirlooms in your collection, you will receive the inv_sword_50.jpgHeirloom Hoarder achievement that rewards a inv_misc_key_06.jpgChauffeured Chopper.


You can view the original blog post here.

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