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Good Evening,

I am completely new to the warlock class as of this expansion (well i played one in vanilla for a little bit) and i am having a tremendous amount of difficulty right now with my DPS. I have read the guide, watched videos and i just can't get it to where it is "supposed to be" (E.g. Up at the top of the charts)

On average during boss fights in MGV i am around 40kish....with my gear ( ) in my opinion i should be at around at least 60k.

Here is my WoL from our last run

I am a layman when it comes to those things so only thing i can see is that my DoT uptime is low (which i don't get either, i feel i am pretty good at renewing in a decent amount of time)

Any help you folks can give that will assist me in not making a mockery of this class would be great.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

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Your Dots uptime is kinda low, malefic 'grasping" a target without all dots its a ridiculous dps lose, so you cant do that. Drain Soul as well, looks like you use it for a short time, and it's also a great dps increase, USE-IT with Haunt when boss reaches at 20% health, and maintain Haunt 100% up-timed.

Imo you should reforge to 15% Hit to help in this uptime and 4717 Haste - if your raid have the 5% buff.

For the dot maintenance I strong recommended you download the addons:


And please, read the follow threads:





PS: Try to buy the Relic of Yu'lon trinket its a great dps increase and its not that expensive nowadays. It's BIS.

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