Feral pvp question. Claws of shirvalla.

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So I recently started gearing my feral druid for pvp and I can't help but notice nearly every other feral using CoS. My question is why would it be better than blood talons?


From what I see the only real perk is hard casting cyclone without wasting a gcd on cat form. Now that rejuvenation is castable in cat/bear form what is the point? It can't be the 5/2.5% versatility... Is there something I'm missing?

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Easier to manage in PvP. Feral has a lot to manage already - Savage roar, rip and rake. In PvP situations this is a lot harder to do, and with the downtime it makes it worse. The thing with bloodtalons in PvE is the fact that you can AFFORD to wait for a Predatory Swiftness proc to cast that healing touch. PvP is a lot more fast-paced and you CANNOT afford to spend a moment waiting. 
Plus, I believe CoS also allows you to cast Healing Touch in form as well, therefore you don't need to switch out to heal yourself substantially (because lets face it, rejuv isn't the best and as a feral it's even worse).
That's my take on it at least.

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Claws of Shirvallah also allows you to cast, without shifting and on demand:


- Soothe (useful against Warriors)

- Remove Corruption (dispel curses and Rogue/Hunter poisons)

- Entangling Roots

- Cyclone

- Healing Touch

- Rebirth


So yes, it is a very handy talent for PvP.

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