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tempo hobgoblin priest?

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hey, i don't have the cards yet, but i was theorycrafting about a deck cycling fast through the cards using 1 atk minions with draw effect and playing hobgoblin to buff these.


the number 1 card that came to my mind was northshire cleric, so it had to be a priest deck ;)


other 1 atk minions with draw effect:


acolyte of pain





i was thinking about adding all of them, but i think that would be overkill, u need some "big guys" as well and taunt would be great^^


for the "big" guys:

how about.... ANGRY CHICKEN? :D

and micro machine?


both of these do not rely on hobgoblin that much, but synergize well. i was thinking about questioning adventurer? lot of low mana cost minions, lot of draw? would need to test it (i need dust ._.)


than for the flooding:

imp master

violet teacher


i'm not quite sure... maybe the violet teacher is stronger? allready has the 3 atk and dosnt need the hobgoblin buff



than u need taunts and minions that can last on the board... maybe the stoneskin gargoyle? for taunt annoy o tron :D



here is a quick decklist for a rough idea...



i think the extra health buffs are quite important, to give your small minions more staying power (and trigger the angry chicken^^)

velens chosen can give u a huge micro machine on turn 3 :D


i'm not quite sure if the other spells are decent... can't rly test the deck, just theorycrafting ._.


i added 2 shadow word deaths, because i think this deck is lacking big guy removal. and 2 holy lights and 1 lightbomb for bord clear. 2 silence for ... anything xD


i've included 2 times light of the naaru, but i doubt it can find a valueable target, besides the hero.



what do u guys think? could such a deck be viable? (well, at least for fun it should be ^-^)

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ok, i got a little bit deeper into this idea^^ (I WANT DUST PLZ!)





i added some lategame drops, 5 in total:

2* faceless manipulator (ya... just copy the enemy, or... anything)

2* stormwind champion (to buff your stuff^^)

1* legendary of choice -> dr boom (he has boom bots!)


i tryed to kept the spellcount low, but i need buffs for my angry chicken (besides hobgoblin and stormwind champion) :/

9 spells in total:

1* silence 

2* power word: shield (imo one of the best cards out there, often allowing your minion to survive a trade AND get a card biggrin.png)

2* velen's chosen (ya, i need the buffs on my weak minions^^)

1* mass dispel (2 silence in total in the deck, one single target for 0 mana and one area for a card!)

1* holy nova

2* lightbombs (i think lightbomb should be the stronger clear, most of your minions tend to have more hp... + u got damn hp buffs)


than i've got 3 minions with MORE than 1 atk:

2* hobgoblin (ya, uhm... the deck is about this guy^^)

1* wild pyromancer (area dmg to trigger your chicken! and acolyte of pain!)


leaving me with 13(+2 bots) Minions with 1 atk:


1 mana:

2* angry chicken (woohoo, damn beasty)

2* lightwarden (decided to get this bitch for the "big" guy biggrin.png)

2* northshire cleric (stapel in priest :3)


2 mana:

1* bloodmage thalnos (ya, damn spelldmg! with velen's chose we can get up to +3 spelldmg... for... uhm... our holy light?)

2* echoing ooze (idk, this guy should fit in well - could become beast, actually)

2* unstable ghoul (taunt to protect our board, deathrattle to trigger chicken/acolyte of pain)


3 mana:

2* acoylte of pain (yupp... this guy... buffed... + there are 3 cards with 1 area dmg in your deck wink.png)





now, i want feedback sad.png what u guys think?

maybe i should add some other guys? switch some stuff out? maybe some cards only 1 times to make room for moar varity?


the most trouble i have with the spells, i think i am missing removal sad.png

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