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Challenge Dungeons

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I'm wanting to start doing challenge dungeons as Holy. I have read the guides but since they are made for raiding and Mastery seems to benefit large groups the most I was wondering if the stat priority changes. any help is appreciated. 

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Unfortunately, I can only give you part of an answer.  >.<   When I went through for the dailies at WoD launch w/o Invis pots and strategies available, my team silver and bronzed everything while I was in an all Crit build.  I just started the task of convincing them its time for be to write the all Gold Guides and am going to try Haste/CoW/PI build.  There were two Priest... right around Xmas that had all Gold and were in all Haste enchants.  I thought if it worked for them why not give it a try.  One of them had all haste chants and two Versatility Trinks!  Not sure if I was being trolled or what but someone familiar with them said that is what they used for their Gold runs.  Sorry I can't give ya a straight answer, give me two weeks and I should have them completed.  Until then, I am sure there are others browsing here that have completed more that I have.  Please let us know what build you used and if you had another build that did not work well for you!

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