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My Weakauras set-up for all specs | +video

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Subtlety & combat video presentation : http://youtu.be/bQczzWCnbUU

Assassination video presentation : http://youtu.be/hNwr7WXcnEc


Currently only english & french wow client are supported. Feel free to ask me any questions.


How to install :

- Extract it to your World of warcraft\Interface\Addons

- In game type /weakauras

- click on new and then import, copy/paste the string i uploaded.


Subtlety Triggers : http://pastebin.com/Uz8UF4NC

Combat Triggers : http://pastebin.com/4tfx1UdY

Assassination Triggers : http://pastebin.com/t98gPjvc

Mobility & defensive CD : http://pastebin.com/SHkczVKs

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Just wondering, did you change something with the WeakAuras on Pastebin?


I recently (2 weeks roughly) copied them from one post that seems to be newer than the latest I can currently find in this forum and now it seems like there are missing several triggers e.g. the deceit proc (T17 4p) and the "Mobility" Group was calles OtherCD in my version.

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