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Assassination Stats

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heya i have a question about assassination stats gems and enchants.

Mastery and Crit are they are pretty close in value but shadowcraft say that i must use Multistrike gem and enchants. but far is a know the that stat prio. for assassination is

Mastery=Crit>multi.>vers.>haste now i am a bit confused. Mr.Robotto say to use crit gems and enchants and Shadowcraft say Multistrike.

if a experienced rogue can leave a reply i really appreciate it.

here is my armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/shadowsong/Emonela/simple


Have a nice day


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Don't argue with Shadowcraft.


All stats are useful, and Shadowcraft does the math as to what will benefit you most. Jjust double check that it's got you in the proper spec and gear

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Just to expand on what Carrn said, stat weights are not fixed. When you change pieces of gear, or enchants, or gems, the numbers change slightly. And when they get closer in value, it's easier for them to switch places. Usually the difference is very small at that point, so it's worth seeing if the difference in cost of gems or enchants is worth the difference in DPS.


Right now, you have 65% mastery and 24% crit but only ~7% multistrike. Shadowcraft isn't saying that multistrike is a better stat for assassination rogues. It's saying that the benefit you'll get from multistrike is higher than the one you get from more mastery or crit.


With the multistrike enchants, you're at 28271.5

With mastery ones, you're at 28245.0


The difference is less than 0.1%


Even with haste enchants, it's a difference of 0.6%


In my opinion, it's probably not worth replacing enchants if you already have some, but if you need to buy new ones, you can trust Shadowcraft most of the time.


I don't think you'll go far wrong using the stat priority you posted, either

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