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[Balance] Glyphs and gear advice

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I have a majorglyph spot left (havent been abel to figure out what I shuld fill it with). I have Roar and Rebirth.  The guide suggest Glyph of Moonwarding and/or  Glyph of Astral Communion but Im not sure which fights are mostly magic atm (other posebly last boss in Highmaul) and Im not sure in wich situations Astral Communion would be usefull (have only ever used it on Proving ground silver). Another druid in my raid team uses Glyph of Celestial Alignment but Im unsure if its actally are any good. So Im just wondering if anyone else has any ides or somethinng like that.


Im also wondering alilte about my shulders, I have the one from Brackenspore hc but I have manege to get some crafted haste/mastery shulders for my restospec that Im gonna upgrade to the same ilvl as the hc once. Shall I use the crafted once on my balance spec aswell beacuse of the mastery or keep the hconce beacuse of the crit? Dont know wich one of  them has the higest amount of int.


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Moonwarding is great, I like Glyph of Stampeding Roar and Glyph of Rebirth as well as they stand the highest chance of being useful. Glyph of Celestial Alignment is a DPS loss at least when using Euphoria, because you can get more than 8 spells in before the effect expires.


For the shoulders, Haste/Mastery is a good combination. If the other stats are as good or better you should use that piece.

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