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Best way to start an Encounter?(Enhancement)

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Hello, I`m under performing a lot as enhancer (especially in aoe fights) and I wanted to ask:


How I should use my cooldowns at the begining of the fight (pre pot, EM, Fire elementel)?


Another question is, should I keep my Feral Spirit for Elemental Mastery + Double sided coin or just use it on CD?





Last log of HM, yeah it is only one I switched from worldoflogs to warcraftlogs yesterday

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Since Double-Sided Coin is a 2 min trinket, I would say yes. Mostly likely, your best opening is to Pre Pot, pop Feral Spirit (have it macro'd to pop EM and Coin before casting Feral Spirit), then Ascendance, then Fire Elemental Totem.


If you are designated to be the group Heroism, pop Heroism after you Pre Pot but before your Feral Spirit so they and your Elemental gain the maximum benefit of having Heroism actvie at the time.

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Hi, thanks for the answere it like this [pre pot => run to the encounter => pop everything] ?


One of my big problems is how should I use it when HT is used at the begining of the fight?


Should I use Double sided Coin with the HT or right after HT with EM?(EM+Coin)

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