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Foundry N - enha; can you please have a look at my logs?

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Hello everyone!

I have been following this forum for god knows how long, yet this is my first post. So i would like to greet everyone.


We just finished Foundry N raid (15 man) with Kromog and Maidens down - ranked 80 normal as enha :) (please disregard Blackhand, these were our first tries on him with everyone tired and not really paying too much attention; got him to 37% tho)


I would ask someone good with reading logs and enha shammy to have a look at my logs please. On maidens I was doing the hooks (twice only, 3rd time was not necessary). I`m doing all to my best knowledge as many guides suggest, the one on this forum included.

I pop every CD on cooldown, have Feral Spirit macroed with Elemental Mastery.


logs are here:



armory here (i got 2t17 on Twins). Both fights were done with il 670 gloves Grips of Vicious Mauling.


I raid to be the best, so every advice would be most apreciated. I find most pleasure in squeezing every single DPS possible, so please be picky, if you know what you are talking about.


have good one,









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Considering that you're trying to kill three bosses in a relatively close fashion and especially since you're on hook duty, I would probably start by recommending to toss Primal Elementalist in favor of Unleased Fury. Elemental Blast can also work at providing you momentary buffs for dealing with a single-target enemy quickly (like the one on the boat) or switching to another Maiden to bring them to a more even health with the others.


I've never been a personal fan of Elemental Mastery, even if you could macro it accordingly with Feral Spirit (though this is going to be slightly harder to do once you have T17 2pc and 4pc). Burst talents are not really something you want on a fight where multiple boss enemies need to die in a relatively equal amount of time, or in this case, be brought to low health relatively together then burst down one by one. I would probably pass on Glyph of Fire Elemental for the same reason, especially if you choose to drop Primal Elementalist.


I'm personally not the greatest at investigating logs, but from what I'm seeing, the damage distribution is what I would expect from a fight like that.  It would be helpful if you pointed out your rotation or what you think is wrong on that fight, so myself or others could more easily critique it.

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