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[Balance] Need help with rotation, etc.

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Hey IV Druid forums! Once again I need your assistance, I tried balance since they shine in BRF. I did terrible, input would be greatly appreciated as to what I can do to improve. My damage just feels extremely underwhelmed :(


Here are some logs from the other night: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/3XHzwbxpKYfNW9cV/#fight=1&type=damage-done


Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuljin/Fardel/advanced



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After analysing your given logfiles, you deal with the same issues like everyone here asking for help:

- weak Dot uptime: At Thogar you only had 78% MF and 50% SF uptime, at Kromog 88% MF and 85% SF. 

  => Keep the Dots rolling on Boss at everytime

- Use your Shards of Nothing Trinket at Bosspull together witn Inc and CA

- use a 2nd potion when you pop Inc/CA for the 2nd time

- both fights had a duration of greater than 6 minutes => you could have used Inc/CA 3 times, but only did twice

- On my opinion you used Starfall way too much as needed. Only use Starfall for the "hands". While only Kromog as target being available use Starsurges for Empowerment buffs (.e.g Fighttime 0:30 you used Starfall but Grasping Earth / Hands came at 1:00 minute)

- Your opener was wrong (Kromog). You did:  Starfire -> MF -> Inc -> CA -> MF -> Starfire -> 3 times Starsure  (???).

See from Krazyito:
The correct opener should look like this. (Again remember, each number is 1 GCD)


    1. (Pre-pull) Inc
    2. (Pre-pull) Potion / Starfire (NOTE: Potion AFTER the GCD is done, not when you push incarnation.)
    3. Starsurge
    4. CA / Moonfire (Note: Macro this together, make sure that the GCD is done from the starsurge)
    5. Beserking / Haste trinkets / Starfire
    6. Starfire
    7. Starsurge
    8. Starfire
    9. Starfire
    10. Starsurge
    12. Starfire
    13. Moonfire (Right before CA falls off)
    14. Starsurge (Right before CA falls off)

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