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[FROST] Thermal Void vs P. Crystal on multiple target

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I have a question about talent usage on multiple target fights. Multiple target meaning mainly the fights with lot of adds spawning - The Train Boss, Beastlord, even Kromog with the hands phase, possibly others as I haven't see Blast Furnace or Iron Maidens yet.


So the assumption is that to get full potential out of your crystal, you are supposed to save frozen orb and cast it together with the crystal.


Now with the bosses mentioned above, I presume you ALWAYS want to cast orb into the adds, even if it means casting a little bit of blizzard (you definitely want to do that on the train boss and beastlord, same with the hands on Kromog).


This would mean, that you DO NOT have orb available for the crystal. Now the question is what is better - I personally have been switching to Thermal Void on these fights, but maybe it is just better to use crystal without frozen orb? What do you guys think?

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