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Concerned about Resto Shamans in BRF

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I wanted to make clear, I started this thread because I felt that switching healing specs would help my raid progress better, not because I have a problem playing shaman, I love playing it, but I felt that a switching to a "better" spec would benefit the raid more. My GM definitely seemed to be of the opposite opinion and thought that a shaman healer is very valuable and would not want to swap one out for a monk. Any thoughts on this? 

Your GM is right. Every healing class has its 'utility' role in raid, which many times is much more valuable than raw healing. Good RL knows what are these utilities and assign people accordingly. As I understood from your post, you have an ideal healers composition - disc, pala, shaman and druid. In given circumstances I'd say that switching good and geared shaman for unknown monk seems somehow problematic.

You didn't raid on monk, right? Monk should go melee if want to benefit from both stances - are you comfortable with playing melee and dps for healing? Do you have appropriate gear on it (at least 660+)? Are you sure that you will like monk play style and wouldn't want to go back to shaman after a month?

I think that your RL doesn't see any particular problem with healing in raid, so there is no reason for him to drop your shaman while it's not coming from your decision to switch class because you can't stand resto anymore.


If you are still sure that you can do more on monk, go and do what your RL said - gear it up, go PuGs, write logs and show him.

There is no other way ^^. I'm saying it from my experience because I do raid on two toons (we have healers setup problems).

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Pandacho is giving some good advice right there. My comments on this are :

Firstly, shammy got a 8% healing buff on 6.1. If you were keeping up before, you will now be slightly ahead.

Secondly, shammy cool downs are good. But what about the rest of the healing toolkit? Specifically, the poor mobility and lack of spread healing. Also, revival is significantly more powerful than healing tide.

Thirdly, you should stick to what you enjoy. Specs can be buffed and nerfed drastically throughout the xpac. But the core game play wouldn't be changed. If they nerfed monks to be weaker than shammy, would you still be willing to play it?

Finally, with the shammy buff, the healers throughout are actually pretty close. How is your skill with the monk? If you are brand new to it, then I would advise against swapping. Monks are actually pretty complex (but interesting) to play.

Edit: healing tide and ascendance together would possibly heal less than revival. Revival is instant and has less chance of overheal. Check out healiocentric if you wish to check out the details

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Granted, my guild is only progressing in Normal so far, but I feel I am keeping up very well in BRF.  Sure some fights it's a bit brutal, like Hans and Frans during the stamp phase, but overall I am either #2 or #3 on most boss fights in my guild, and we're all generally around the same amount of healing with marginal differences.  Our monk does well, but blows his revival fairly often rather than using it when needed. Great for topping meters, but some of us struggle a bit after that.  

I did just receive my 2 set bonus, and I must say it's very very nice.  The extra chain heal really adds up over time.

I do see myself dropping lower as we get it more on "farm", but I can honestly say without me there has been more than a single instance where the tank or a raid member would have died if not for our mastery. :P

Don't sweat it. It's not as bad as it sounds.  If you enjoy the Shammy, stick with it. Otherwise, reroll.  You won't harm your guild by being a Shaman.  You may have to work a bit harder, but I think you'll find it more rewarding.

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This is rather funny actually. Been following this forum from time to time. But unfortunately never made an account.


The reason why it's funny is because, while reading this thread, I got a bit worried and actually took a closer look at the logs with my guild.

I usually end up at 2nd-3rd place, even with 5 healers. And when I got a hangover I can end up at 4th place or last if we run with 4 healers. 


However, we still down bosses and our RL care more about that since it can sometimes be hard to rank in HPS.

Reason why I raid during hangovers is because we have an extra raid on sundays.


THOUGH! I took a look at our sunday-raid (when I had a hangover), we had 4 healers and I got at 3rd place most of the time.

The funny part is though that I had +100% while the others had lesser, not even 85% on every encounter.

I also compared some of the other encounters when I didn't have a hangover and it was pretty much the same.


I don't know how the logs works, but that's quite silly. That they can slack and we Shamans have to work really hard.

I mean, 100% for me is that you do your best but you still seem to fail when it comes to HPS.

I think the funniest part is that I had around 100.3% most of the encounters and I didn't even pop Healing Tide. (I save it since our leader calls coldowns) But the main cooldown we throw is Tranq which is the Druid I usually surpass. 



I'm still going to use my Shaman since I like the game-play and HPS ain't everything. Also our CDS will come in handy in Mythic BRF. I got a safe-spot so I'm not worried about that.




All I can say is, I only end up last on the HPS when I'm tired (hangover, lol). Perhaps Shamans are the hardest the handle but we're not bad. 

And we've invited several Monks to our guild and I've been in several pugs too. None of the monks has impressed me or the RL...

The mobility might be better but I can with own experience say that I'm not impressed by anything they do.

I personally think they're overated. If you're worried about the mobility, ask you RL for a better tactic to increase your HPS.


I have to admit that the RL like me a lot, so I can ask them to change the tactics on my behalf as long as it doesn't affect the dps. Perhaps our other healers are bad since I got such a good hps (when I'm not tired) But we still down bosses. And moving into Mythic BRF next week.


Anyway, it doesn't really matter what I or anyone else say. It's up to you in the end if you want to re-roll or not. I personally re-rolled back to my Shaman from DK during Highmaul and despite the hatred about Resto-Shamans, I do not regret it =)

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After more thought and a ton of time looking at both my logs and logs of other resto shamans I think the major issue for me is that my other healers are too good. I raid with a Disc, Holy Pally, and Druid. The Druid consistently ranks in the 90%+ and has some top 30 parses. The Disc and Holy Pally are also always in the 80% or higher which means there just isn't that much for a "slower" healer like shamans to heal. Rarely do people drop very low due to blanket shields and rolling rejuvs so most of my healing comes in big bursts or at the very end where I have tons of mana but the others are running on fumes. My specific raid comp isn't well suited for a shaman (or monk) to top the meters, but I still play an important role. It's not that I cannot pump out the big healing numbers, its just that my other healers are getting to it first. For example, one pull of heroic Kromog, the druid died on the first hands since they broke him out too quick. With only 3 healers, I was pulling top HPS by a healthy margin, but we still wiped since the damage out put on that fight is just too much to be down a healer. 


So I think I will stick with my Shaman as my main, but I have been gearing up a monk and will continue to explore all healing specs. My goal is to become the best healer I can be, not specifically the best Resto Shaman, so if I can help my raid better as another spec I will do it, but for now, Shaman is what my raid needs. 

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Dear fellow shamans,


I am completely new to this forum although I have been following the discussions in here for quite a while. But this is my very first post. ;)


I consider myself in no way an experienced or even "good" resto-shaman player, in fact I haven´t had a single raid going on since I last played in Wrath of the Lichking. But still I try to improve my play and I am very interested in all the mechanics the shaman has to offer. I am pretty impressed by all the knowlegde and experience being brought into the discussions and I am looking forward to learning from all you guys.

I won´t be able to contribute any in `depth opinions`about the whole matter but still I would like to take part in those discussions from a casual beginners perspective. ;)


I was pretty shocked when I read all the negative reports about resto-shamans being useless since WoD at some points, although I really like the fact that being a healer has become a little more demanding again. But still I was concerned about my favourite class being so ´weak´.

But then I read this discussion here and you know what? It really made me happy in a way. Very positive, very progressive without missing the point of having to work hard to become a good healer. That´s what I really like to hear and what drives me to become better still everytime I join a group.


So, as I already said above, I am really looking forward to discuss matters of interest and learn from you all.

Sidenote: if anything I write doesn´t make sense to you, English is not my genuine language. ;)



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