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Help Tempo druid mana rush

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Hi guys. Pretty new here and i might need some help with my Druid deck. The main focus i'm aiming for is to gain mana as fast as possible so i can play high cards as early as possible. 
The biggest problem is rush decks, they overwhelm the board and i'm having problem clearing it. And rogues because they immobilize my big cards and attack the face. Any suggestions?

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i would cut:

frostwolf warlord - u are not flooding, u prolly dont get as much value out of him

druid of the fang - too few beasts

salty dog - rly? o_O


about the 4 yetis: u need that many? they have nice stats, ya... but uhm... idk

if u got naxx cards, maybe get sludge


try to fit in ancient of lore, in my opinion one of the strongest druid card

the 2 dmg or silence card is pretty awesome as well.

if u have problems in early game, i would fit in claw - nice early removal

if u want strong lategame removal, put in starfire -> recycle can be pretty gud as well


i suppose u dont wanna get more early game minions? but i would actually put a few more in :/

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