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Garalon/Wind Lord help

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Alright so hopefully my raid team can get a garalon/windlord kill this week(Insert wish for hopefullness), anyway I am a affliction warlock planning to do both bosses as affliction.

I need help in what to use for glyphs, any helpful talents and any suggestful tips would be appreciative Posted Image.

Also i've never done them outside LFR but have a general idea on the mechanics of garalon and will be looking into the wind lord guy tomorrow. and my raid team hasnt but the other 2 raid teams in my guild have done them

I am not 100% sure on the names but the 3rd and 4th boss in HoF.

uhm yeah thats pretty much it... so any tips?

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Very basic tidbits from my side, purely anecdotal...


Mannoroths Fury allows u to SB:SoC to all legs on the pull if u want to, but IMO Archimondes vengeance is better since you take constant damage on this fight (disclaimer, I've never checked the logs to see if it's actually doing much damage).

Stay central if you aren't assigned to run, generally ignore legs (I put a corruption on them for nightfall procs but since there will only be one up for most of the fight and your melee shldd be assigned to them, that's it really).

Tunnel boss, depending on your assignment this guy is kind of a target dummy, so use the great info on these forums to max the hell out of your single target rotation on him (power up your DoTs, MG for full duration of any Haunts, etc).

Wind Lord


RIght so, the top parse for an affliction lock the last time I checked was a fellow who somehow, somehow, managed to keep ALL his agony's rolling on all 6 targets without falling off throughout phase 1. So if you can do that, gratz, you win.

I recommend not using mannoroth's fury for this, dont want to break CC by accident.

Take Unbound Will, it will free you from amber prisons.

Don't spec shadowfury, lol.

Darkbargain/Unending Resolve are great for rain of blades on P2, help your healers!

I open with single target rotation on the tank's main aggro target, wait for my procs to land then throw in an SB:SoC to spead powerful corruptions to all 6 targets. Then as nightfall fills my shards I tab through SB:SSing as I can. I keep a full set of DoTs rolling on my primary target at all times during phase 1 while doing this.

Remember that Wind Lord gains a damage taken debuff as each of his packs of buddies dies, so if you haven't been directly assigned to a particular mob, he's an excellent choice for your single target rotation/DoT maintenance. The caveat here is that you dont want to push him below 75% before all 3 packs are dead, but in practice I haven't found this to be an issue at all.

Some questions I have myself that I havent checked yet: does archimonde's vengeance work on the Pheromones damage on Garalon?

Does Mortal Coil count as a temporary CC on Wind Lord and consequently cause Watchful Gaze?

I wonder if Everlasting Affliction Glyph is worthwhile on Mel'jarak for phase 1... anyone tried it? :D


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