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Protection Paladin - Help With Flamebender Ka'Graz

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SPEC: Protection

Ilvl: 669

Rotation: Standard Seraphim rotation.


Ok so now that thats out of the way. Guild is progressing through BRF (Heroic) and we have downed the following bosses:



We have done more on normal, but i am gettin eaten alive on Flambender.


Below are logs for 6 wipes last night.






I feel like i am a decent tank.  

For heroic Gruul, my experimental tank ranking was in the 98th percentile and my dps ranking was the 89th percentile.

For heroic Beastlord, my experimental tank ranking was in the 94th percentile and my dps ranking was the 84th percentile.

For heroic Hans'gar & Franzok, my experimental tank ranking was in the 58th percentile and my dps ranking was the 68th percentile. But i solo tanked for a long time cause the other tank died.


What i THINK the problem is:


The Big enraged dog's FireBreath is absolutely murdering me. I have to be missing some kind of mechanic here. This is how we are handling it as the tanks.

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First of all - you shoud tank-swap after dog-breath, couse it debuff you for +200%dmg from next breath. Also this breath - cone attack, so other tank shoud stay behind dog when dog do breath.

Second - after boss reach 100 energy she start aoe raid, after aoe boss attacks apply stacking debuff on you(if you dodge/parry probably debuff wont apply, not shure), it's fire-dot. You shoud tank-swap.



Here you die from fire-dot, probably you shoud press your CD when it reach ~5 stacks. Also your heals shoud be aware about this dot, and heal you more.


Here you die from meteor, couse player with debuff go in mele, and there was not enough mele-players in range of aoe.


Here you tank boss+woolf and got lava slash hit(it shoud cast on range-players, so probably range-player was in mele or not enough range-players was alive).


So advice:

1) Tank boss or dog. Not both.

2) Tankswap after dog-breath.

3) Tankswap after ~4 DoT stacks.

This easy to do, couse first part of fight you shoud tankswap only dogs(no dot), and other part of fight only dot on you(no dogs).

4) Press CD when you got high dot stacks, wich applies after boss reach 100 energy.

5) Press CD for big AoE meteor(couse if there is not enough players in it range, it coud shot you)

6) Maby you shoud use unglyphed CD(-40% magic damage) for this fight. -40% with 30sec cd is kind op for this fight.


About tanking:

1) Use DP more often, 30 sec cd is very low.

2) LoH when you low hp, you coud survive some of this fights.

3) Holy prism as save-ability. You not using it at all at this 6 figths.

4) You shoud ask CD from your healers - Sacrifice, Pain supression and other stuff.

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