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Resto shamans in BRF - Stat priority Questions (again)

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Hi, I play a resto shaman currently progressing through BRF Heroic (3/10) and Highmual Mythic (2/7) I raid in a 20 man team that runs 2/4/14 and i can currently keep up with the other 3 healers. The other three healers are a Drood, Holy pal and a Disc priest. I feel right now though the only reason im keeping up with them, is to be frank, I'm better at managing my mana, so towards the end of the encounters, im the last healer healing, thus resulting in my mastery really shining as everyone is dropping low due to lack of support from the other healers, (especially the Drood!). 


My question is that right now mastery seems to be shining for me especially in my raid setup, but with the introduction of the tier pieces and their set bonuses im wondering if that is going to modify my stat priority. Right now i follow the stat weights:


Intellect > spirit > mastery > haste > crit=multistrike > vers


but as the 2 set bonus is:

 You have a chance when you cast Chain Heal to cast a second Chain Heal at one of the targets healed.


Does that edit things? I mean surely to maximise the chance to gain this "extra chain heal" haste and multistrike would gain some stat weight. What is this chance %?, does it have an internal CD? and is it worth while editing stat priorities to maximise your chances?


also with our 4 set bonus being:

 When you gain Tidal Waves, you have a 8% chance to reduce the mana cost of Chain Heal by 75% for 10 sec.


Does this lower the stat weight of spirit? due to the possible mana reduction on chain heal spamming, surely spirits need would lower even if its just slightly..


I was just wondering if anyone had any more information, or has tested this further?

I would greatly appreciate any advice or ideas around what other resto shamans feel works for them? or what they are aiming towards with the release of BRF and tier gear.


Many Thanks








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So here's an interesting thing; the extra Chain Heal procs only on cast not on hit, so Multistrike doesn't help. Hast might gain some weight if you really cared about proccing it as often as possible, but (say) 10% Haste gets you 10% more Chain Heals which at an 8% proc rate (IIRC) gets you 0.1*0.08=0.008, i.e. 0.8% more procs Chain Heals. That doesn't seem massively worth it to me on the face of it. [Edit: slight change to wording in red to remove ambiguity.]


Personally, I think that Spirit weighting has more to do with your trinkets than your procs. Actually, I think that the 4pc proc is more likely to increase the number of Chain Heals you cast rather than decrease it, so if anything your mana spend goes (paradoxically) upwards.


That does depend on your playstyle though; if your style is just to use the proc whenever you can and not try to proc it more using more Chain Heal casts, it will actually be more efficient that way. So the question is; are you going to be spamming Chain Heal more anyway? If not, then Spirit's weight might go down slightly (but I wouldn't change the priority just due to the 4pc proc). Otherwise, Spirit is actually going to be even more desirable! :-)

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