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Hi there,

I am mainly playing holy, occasionaly disc but i want to try out shadow aswell.

Some logs there:


AoE (Beastlord Normal):

Imperator Mar'gok HC:

Gruul HC:


I think i am doing something srsly bad, comparing to other Shadow Priests logs.


I've bought: Sandman's Pouch (640) to try it out because i don't have  2nd DPS trinket.


There is armory:

(yeah I know there could be better enchants, but it's my 3rd spec).


4orb -> MS - SW:P - VT - MB - DP -Ins -Ins -  MB - DP - Ins - Ins.

For multitarget I am trying to keep SW;P and cast MB on CD and add to this some VT. If group is stacked I use Mind Sear.

Basicly  my gear is just my healing gear + the rest what my team don't need.

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Your rankings are actually pretty good.  (0% worst, 100% best)


You are 57% Overall, 67% for your ilvl for Beastlord.


67% overall, 58% for your ilvl on Imperator. 


35% overalll, 48% for your ilvl on Grull.


Room for improvement, but not bad for an offspec.


Only looking at gruul heroic kill. 


During execute phase.  You casted mind spike, Pain, and VT a non-zero number of times.  Never cast those spells.


During non-execute phase.  You aren't always casting Mind Blast on cooldown.  You don't usually wait too long to cast it but in general you should be spamming the MB button as it's coming off CD =)


It looks like you prepotted.  Use a second pot once execute phase hits.  If you're planning to Vampiric Embrace during execute, save it for then, but otherwise chug it once you see SW:Death light up.


0 shadow orbs wasted.


Overall you seem to know what you're doing.  Eventually you'll want to use the advanced version of the dotweave, but if it's your offspec I recommend sticking with the basic you're using and tightening that up.  You're doing well for your ilvl, keep it up =)

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