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Question about blade flurry

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I'm basing most of this on a comment from wowhead, but you could easily test it with a friend, by duelling them at your garrison and attacking a target dummy while your friend moves around. Be sure to use a DBM range check to see if this holds true.


Apparently, "melee range" is 5 yards. BF will copy damage to any enemies within 5 yards of you.


If you have one target in front of you (up to 5 yards away) any damage will be copied to any other mob within 5 yards of you, not the target. The direction of other mobs doesn't matter, either. So you can attack one target in front of you and have BF copy damage to a dozen mobs behind you. As long as they're within 5 yards of you.


Therefore, to optimise damage, you should center yourself amongst as many targets as possible and attack any one of them to ensure you're dealing damage to the highest number of targets as you can.

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