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Need some help with little demo warlock

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I am barely new as warlock and i'd like to understand better a couple of things. I am trying to use demonology as main spec.

- I am using the opener and the rotation(s) that i found in the guide 6.0.3 (really a nice guide) on this forum, i'd like to know if it's still good or if i have to change somenthing, i ask cause last update is on december.

- My real problem is the AOE with demo, i truly don't understand what to do ^^" i am using hand of gul'dan, put some dots on targets and using hellfire or immolation aura but i don't understand how i have to use all this spells to improve damage

- Last thing i'd like to understand better is the right glyph choice and in particular if it is worth using Glyph of dark soul and glyph of imp swarn.

this is my armory but i get lvl 100 just yestarday so my gear it's really low and totally random at the moment. http://eu.battle.net/wow/it/character/nemesis/Elys/advanced

Thx for the help

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We really need your actual fight logs to tell you something about your gameplay.
Telling us things like "i use opener X and rotate as Y" is essentially nothing.

AoE as Demo is really easy. Multidot, smack dat spin button of your pet and stack HoG. Banking some fury(~900)to use some buffed Chaos Waves is a good idea aswell.
If you need more AoE, spec into Cataclysm. It's more convenient for AoE scenarios, allowing you to Doom many targets easliy and capitalize on Chaos Waves.

Regarding glyph choice - Dark Soul is mandatory. Imp Swarm have uses on fights 4<minutes long, but the general tendency is to avoid it.

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first of all thx for the help :)


About logs i will sure register them in future but at the moment i am just trying to figure out how to properly use warlock. With my low practice on it I'm quite sure of committing thousands of mistakes :D

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