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Elemental Help (With Log)

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Hi, I'm looking for some help to see what I can be doing better as elemental. A couple of things to keep in mind is that I am primarily resto, but I've been the healer switching to DPS when we've got too many healers (mainly because the other healers don't currently have DPS specs available).


A couple of the big gearing issues for me right now is that I don't have a DPS neck or cloak, so I have spirit on both of those, along with mastery enchants.  I also am gemming haste in the shared item slots (bracers, shoulders) to benefit both ele and resto. The other thing is that I don't have a weapon swap so I currently have a useless spirit proc for elemental.


I think I can get flame shock up to 100%, but I'm not sure what else I should be looking for in terms of rotational stuff. I looked at some of the higher ranking elementals on this fight are using echo, is that something I should switch to even in a ST situation? Currently with shards, lust, and EM my LvB gets around .8 seconds so I need to make a different macro to exclude EM during lust cds.


Sorry Gruul was the only fight we finished while I was dpsing.


Thanks for the help.

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Lok'tar !

Gruul is an interesting fight to value the dps, as you have to really focus on your rotations and tiny details to get the most of your damages. I'm ranking 4th world on your bracket at the moment, at 38k. So basically, you "could" do that, or at least gain up to 32k dps or so, because of your heal gear.

So let's analyse what's lacking to get higher.

First : your healing gear. Your weapon is extremly bad for elemental, plus the heal enchant. Too much versatility (boots, bracers and so on..), and mastery, not enough crit and MULTISTRIKE. You could had like 10 or more % multistrike, which is insane dps-wise. Maybe try to get the staff on tectus/imperator, even on heroics, it could improve A LOT.

Second : your talents. I personaly play with Ancestral Swiftness, I don't know why EM is so overrated. They are theorically equal in terms of dps, but I hate playing with EM. Well, i should say I love having 5% more haste to play with, the rotations feel very fluid, and I guess it's a bit easier to play for a "beginner". The instant cast is really good too (instant earthquake, or Lighting Bolt for single target). The problem with EM i have is that the cd doesn't line up with ascendance, so you'll have to wait 1 minute, or cast ascendance without it.. and if something goes wrong when you're on EM, a 2min buff is screwed, which never happen with a passive.

Keep the echo of the elements for the 6.1, it will be awesome, but not til that time.

Try the storm elemental on pull. Then fire ele when the first one fades. On those kind of single target fights, it tends to be a dps gain over elemental fusion (at least for me). And again, a bit easier to play (you won't have to focus on your elemental fusion stacks). 

Keep unleash fury, I personnaly don't use elemental blast anymore, too random. Switch the flame shock glyph in the CL glyph spot for <4 targets bosses (iron maidens included then).

Third : your gameplay. In the logs, your flam shock uptime is around 95%. that means you lost some of your dps and proc chance here, because you should be around 98% or more. Try to always be casting, pop your spiritwalker while casting not to have to break your said cast. While comparing with my logs, I realise I cast 10 more lavabursts than you, and the fight lasts 1 min less for me, so maybe you hadn't that much luck, but having the AS talent will give you more haste, so more proc chance too. Make sure to cast lavaburst on cd, prioritazing it on top of everything.

A good pull can also make a huge difference, and i suggest you to do the following @-5sec before the pull : 

Searing totem > Unleash flames > Storm Ele > Intel pot > Lighting Bolt > PULL > Flame shock > Trinkets / racial cd > Lavaburst > Ascendance > Spam lavaburst. 

Then you'll have to refresh your searing totem with the fire elem, and that's it, normal rotation. On ascendance I like to cast my AS, so i can get an instant lighting bolt when the buff fades. Oh, and during ascendance, cast an earthshock when you reach 15 or more stacks of lightning shield. You loose a gcd but you will win more dps on the end, even more if you have the T17 bonuses.

Well, I don't know what to say more, maybe i could drop you my log. It's not perfect of course, but at least I could answer you on the choices I made and why :


Sorry for my english, it's really not my native language.

See ya and have fun !


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Thanks a lot for the insight, I definitely want to play around with the talents and I need to start taking some Ele gear if I am going to be swapping out of healing as often as I have been. Issue is I'm the guild leader and loot master of my guild so I typically want to give multi mail gear to my 2 exceptional hunters, and I've got a lot of casters that I would feel guilty over upgrading my offspec over. I have like 24% multi unbuffed so that's literally less than 4% from gear after the attunement. I'll see if I'm going ele tonight and I'll post a log with the different talents.

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