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So I've seen several posts about the ideal Boomkin opener and they've made references to a macro. Does anyone have this macro handy? I'm awful at them, and not sure what to put in for it. Thanks! <3

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It depends what you have.


this is what I use


/use [mod:ctrl] 14
/cast [mod:ctrl] Berserking(Racial)
/cast [nomod] Celestial Alignment
/cast [nomod] Solar Beam
/cast [nomod] Moonfire


Basically, it uses Celestial Alignment, Solar Beam, and Moonfire all at the same time, but when I press Ctrl, it uses my slot 14 trinket (usually my Shards of Nothing haste trinket) and Berserking.



The reason You want to put a modifier on the haste buffs is because you want to use it after the GCD of moonfire/CA and right before your next starfire cast.

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