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help me to inprove the dps

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You are fully geared with critical strike, which is one of the worst stat for arcane mage (i guess you are a fire mage since you played fire on beastmaster).  If you want to play the dual spec, maybe gearing full mastery could be a better idea.


It is quite difficult to evaluate a log on beastmaster, but from your arcane performance on gruul:


-You casted PC at 2.30 min after the opening , so you wasted one full PC cd on the whole fight.


-SAme thing for arcane power. You don't have the glyph (which is a DPS loss on Gruul, since the fight is 4 min long)


-Correct me if i am wrong but i don't see you casting evocation a single time. So you are missing your burn phase, and, further than that, at some point, you mana sometimes drop to 60% which means a dps loss, regarding how mastery works.

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