Need Big Help With my Pally Healing! :(

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Heey Guys! 

Started to  play Holy pally for a few weeks ago, Have 671 ilvl but still my Hps and healing done isnt where is supposed to be. And i dont realy know what im doing wrong.

Have been reading up here on icy veins about Pally healing, and on some other sites as well but it dosnt realy help me :/ 


Here is 2 links for my logs on Operator Thogar. please look it over and give me tips and pointers on what to do.


Here is also a link to my armory.


All tips are greatly appreciated! 


// Mckrill

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HolyShock on cd.

AW("wings) more, on cd for most fights. Use it when raid recive first damage(for example first cleave from gruul or AoE damage from furnance on first phase)

EF more.

Use trinkets more.

You end fight with ~ 50% of mana, use HolyRadiance more often if you can. AW+Shock give you often proc for fast cast HR.


Do not heal beaconed target's often, it's hps loss.

Do not use LightOfDawn, its hps loss. Read my post about it(T17 tier topic here).

Do not use CS, its hps loss.


For normal/heroic beter int trinkets, not shure for myph.

Int flask(250), if you high on mana - int pot(1k int), manapot, healthpot.

Check this pally(top heal heroic operator) - look at his "cast", "healing", "buffs", "resourses-mana/holy power".

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Thanks Elarion, Thats some good tips =)

whats the name of the Hpally u ment that is top heal on operator?

And how often should i use AW? im using Glyph of Merciful wrath so i have 1,5m CD on it. or should i use Glyph of Divine Wrath instead to save 25% mana when i use it ?


ANd how should i use my EF? 

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I press AW when boss hit raid first time - for example first butcher cleave in mele, or grull fire-cleave, oregore first AoE and other stuff. Next time i press it when it ready, couse for example butcher will hit your raid all time and you always have ppl in raid with not full hp. For grull you coud wait next fire-cleave and press second AW right before or after it. If fight leght ~5 min, you coud use AW at start, than 1.5min,3min,4.5min - it's 4 times. Your operator fight was 6 min, so you coud use it ~4-5times.


Basic idea - any time raid recive medium-high aoe damage, press AW. More AW per fight - higher hps.


Do not use Divine Wrath glyph, it's usless, rly(lower manacost). For most fights i prefer use glyph for lower cd, so i coud press AW more often, 50% bonus heal enough for most fights. But for some times you coud prefer NOT use glyph's for AW at all - for example butcher myphic fight, it's becouse it's 4 min fight(hard-enrange), and you coud press your AW only 3 times per fight(start-1.5-3min), and without glyp - 2 times, but it will be more efficient(3 times with +50% < 2 times with +100%). Also you want this +100% for butcher enrange, couse it will hit so hard.


I always cast EF on tanks. Thing is - EF will heal and proc your mastery, so it will stack absorb shield on tank, even if he not taking dmg right now. Also you want EF on targets, wich often recive damage(butcher-soakparty, grull soak party and other), but as i noticed, you coud EF only 3-4 targets(with 3HP). Often it will be 2 tanks, you(double heal from it) and other raid-member who recive most dmg per fight(you probably know who in your raid always got hit by void-zones/spears and other stuff).

Also remember - EF hot will heal your beaconed targets. So when hit tick on you for 2k, it will also tick on 2 beacons(as i kno hot heal for 50%).


This pally -

And you coud check some from this ranking -

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