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Some quick best in Slot advice

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Hey guys had a few upgrades the last couple of nights and I am looking for some quick advice as to what is better:


Here is my armoury:




I have been using 2 Highmaul 2 handers in Titans grip for fury. Both 670ilv






Their secondaries are not great but they have been the best weapons I had.


Last night 2 one handers dropped lvl 680:




My main question, would it be a DPS gain to go Single Minded Fury with these higher level weapons?


Finally I have Tectus's beating heart and I got a horn of screaming spirts heroic warforged with a gem slot.




I have swapped out Scabbard of Kyanos. Is this a DPS gain?


The Scabbard seems very OP and gives me amazing bursts but I am thinking the 357 constant strength on the trinket and the socket make this better?


Any thoughts would really help guys!


Kind regards



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