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Been healing BRF the past 2 weeks and I've noticed my healing, or my HPS rather, isn't as high as I think it might need to be. Was looking for some constructive feedback/suggestions based on the logs I've included. *Note* For some reason the Gruul kill was not recorded but the Beastlord and Hanz/Franz kill was (we've only killed these 3 bosses so far).


Not sure what else to include, I'll throw my armory link down here too if that means anything to anyone.


Thanks, much appreciated.




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Simple answer is you have too many healers, and if people weren't getting hit with so much avoidable damage you could easily 2 heal it [Hanz/Franz in particular] also shown by the fact that even though 3/4 of the fight you are moving on conveyors, dodging fire/slams/crush you only cast rejuv twice more than wrath huh.png


Lifebloom & Harmony uptimes should be as close to 100% as possible as well your sitting 20-60%

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