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Haste vs Mastery

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I'm kind of confused right now if I should enchant haste or mastery.


I kinda figured that if I played with ToL and HoTw or NV mastery would benefit me the most and if I played with SotF and DoC I should go haste. 


But I see alot of people with ToL and HoTw that go Haste and i don't really understand the point of it since I don't really see the benefit of haste for casting instant spells like Rejuv etc..whereas for DoC, faster casts for Wrath I can understand. 


Maybe I'm just a bit braindead right now, but if anyone could help me out here, that would be greatly appreciated!





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You seem to be missing the fundamental point to why haste is good. 


I don't really see the benefit of haste for casting instant spells like Rejuv etc


This is where you went wrong. Haste is not only just for faster casts, its for ALL of our HoTs.  Haste decreases the interval between ticks (so the ticks are closer together, or are 'faster'). The HoT will keep the same duration, so to make up the ticks that are coming in quicker, it adds an amount of healing to the end of the HoT as a 'partial tick" proportional to the time left. (or a fraction of a tick that heals for less than a tick equal to what ever time is left between the ticks)


In turn, haste adds ticks as well as makes the healing come in quicker.  This affects all HoTs (Wild Mushroom, wild growth, Rejuv, Regrowth, lifebloom, etc.).


Haste and mastery work very well together.  They both add total raw healing to spells, they just do it differently (haste makes it come in quicker and adds the extra healing to the end of the hot while mastery just makes bigger ticks).


The biggest discrepancy with Haste vs Mastery is with Tranquility healing.  The change to Tranq for WoD made it so only Mastery affects its total healing.  So some people decided that the Tranq healing was too important and kept with mastery.



In the long run, haste and mastery are still VERY close and it will not make a huge difference which you choose.

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