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Critique my Raid Attentiveness Ele / Resto

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Please understand I haven't been in a progression guild since Wrath; barely played Cata/Pandaria.


My entire UI has been constructed within the last month from scratch.



Elemental Shaman, 660, Heroic Pug Tectus



Resto Shaman 661, Heroic Pug IMP



Any constructive criticism appreciated. (addons to add, things to change, etc).



I'm not necessarily looking for a guild, but I would like to build a large amount of b.net friends that are reliable players. This way I don't have to commit to raid times, but can also raid with quality players semi-frequently.

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Hi, Sskott and welcome back to WoW smile.png


I watched your resto video, the ele video is private - can't watch it.


I normally try to be cautious about critique of other people UI, especially if they can do their raid job properly, but if you want a bit of opinions, here they are.


There are some things that caught my eye:

1. Is there any reason to have that big chat window in the middle of your screen during raids?

2. What for is a treat meter? The times when somebody was able to continuously pull the aggro from tanks are long gone. I don't remember even one case of reaggroing boss from tanks since Pandaria. If some not very clever dps pulls the boss instead of tanks - just let him die. In any case, you have two aggro meters - as a table and in your healing frames. Could get rid at least of one of them ^^

3. Do you really need Battle text as a healer? Btw, you have it twice too - in the middle and on the left side. I know - this is a sort of habit to see the green numbers - was struggling with this habit for years myself. But do you need all this spam?

4. You have 5 tracking buttons from ele spec in the middle of the screen - do you need them there in resto spec?

5. You have double boss frames - from your raid UI and Blizz default. Need them both? And some boss frame thrown to the top left - does it have some purpose?


They were the things that seemed to me not exactly in place.


Now to my personal curiosity (meaning that I'm just interested why did you do this smile.png )


Are you a left-handed? Never saw player frame from the right side and boss frame from the left.

Why did you stuff everything on the left side only, leaving the right one completely empty?

Don't you feel that your healing frames are too much in the bottom and you have to scan up and down all the time?


If you want to see an example of my raid UI, it's here. First part of the raid as a resto shaman, second part as a disc priest.

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Thank you for your response.


Now that the Ele video isn't private, you'll see I've already removed the threat meter; it's now just damage/healing w/ skada.


I tend to notice chat better when it's not jammed in the bottom left; I also have a sound notification if raid leader speaks so I don't miss it. Keep in mind I rarely use voice chat as of now.


I probably don't need battle text, but I do go Elemental fairly often.


The double boss frames isn't meant to be there, sometimes blizzard default frames glitch out and appear; I've gotten rid of the other.


The 5 tracking buttons in the middle there is actually the optimal DPS rotation for a healing shaman, which I use rarely.


Viewing that video now.

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