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My Protection Warrior Seems to Die Alot

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Unfortunately, I just seem to fall over, while my offtank a Brewmaster can tank anything regardless of how many stacks he has or how hard a boss enrages. I was wondering if anyone had the time would you be willing to look over my logs and see if there is something I am absolutely missing. Kromogg from last night is a great example. The week before every wipe was due to him blasting me and last night he wrecked me suddenly and even on our kill attempt his last act was to kill me. Anywho thanks for the help.


Logs from last night



Mythic Highmaul


(ignore the HoF Logs in there we forgot to turn them off)





Thanks agian and if i need to provide anything else I will. One thing to note on some of those fights in highmaul I was not trying to reduce damage at all (twins for example) so its obvoius why I got wrecked (we had those fights well in hand). I am specifically refering to fights like Butcher or Kromog where tank damage is a serious concern and I can't seem to survive a boss's onslaught.

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I'll try to get around to these this weekend. One thing I do want to note is that you should practice like you play. Use farm to build solid habits. If you're going from trivial content to challenging content, it's very hard to play optimally if you haven't made the habits.

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Please take this response with a grain of salt, as I have no specific expertise in the matter, beyond what I've read here and elsewhere.  I'm using this mostly as an educational experience for myself, and this is my first attempt at it.


I took a look at the log you posted from The Butcher. This seems to me like you were spending more rage trying to DPS, than you were trying to actively mitigate damage. You mention that in your post for HM, but then also list The Butcher specifically as a fight where you're concerned about tank damage.



  • 79 casts of Heroic Strike (versus 4 Ultimatum procs)
  • 3 casts of Shield Barrier
  • 1 cast of Shield Wall

I also see you've got the Anger Management talent, to reduce cooldowns.  Given that you only used Shield Wall & Last Stand once each, the cooldowns on those talents weren't an issue.  Gladiator's Resolve would have been a flat 5% reduction on your damage taken, with no drawback to utility.


As for Kromog...

  • You took a huge hit at 4:23, right as your Shield Block expired.
  • Last stand was on cooldown, and you didn't have a Shield Barrier up.  Your last Shield Barrier expired at 4:09.  You had 30 rage at 4:21, and used Execute.
  • Also of note - you used Last Stand at 1:40.  On a 3 minute cooldown, it would've been available again at 4:40.  If you had Anger Management for that fight, you had a rage gain of 1209 between 1:40 and 4:23.  Burning all of that would cut nearly 40 seconds off your cooldown.  That makes me think you had Last Stand ready to use when you died.
  • The last time you were healed to full health was 4:12, as well.


It looks to me like you were focusing on the kill, rather than mitigation.


I look forward to hearing from others, as I'm sure I'm not getting the full picture. As I mentioned, this is my first shot at this kind of thing.  Criticsms of my analysis are welcome - it's easy to be an armchair analyst.


As a side note:  Does anyone know if there's a way to track "Rage Spent" on warcraftlogs?  The resources graph only indicates rage gained, which is good to track rage generated and wasted ... but it would be nice to be able to see a stat on Rage Spent on Mitigation versus Rage Spent on DPS.

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Appreciate the feedback. That particular link for butcher was a poor choice I should have said fights like butcher when we did not out gear then. So, yes I was not playing with damage taken in mind. (Something I have changed to be able to provide better logs for this post and as simple good practice). As for kromog I believe I was using Gladiator's resolve since my damage intake was such an issue. However, the execute was a poor choice he died a couple of seconds later, but even a half rage shield barrier could have saved me. With all this being said I would first like to say thank you for your analysis Iam not nearly good enough at them to provide the insight you have and for that I appreciate your work. Secondly, I will be providing another set of logs today where I will properly be managing my damage taken on all fights to provide a more complete picture of the problem we are encountering with regards to my deaths. Once again I really appreciate the help and please feel free to rip me a new one. I can take it.

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From your armory, I calculated your baseline Shield Barrier (no Resolve, 60 rage) to be 25.6k. I'll use this a bit later on.


Since going through every fight would take me about 4 hours, I looked for fights where you were specifically struggling. So the first one I'm looking at is your Iron Maidens wipe since I see you died there.


From your Casts tab, I see that you used Shield Wall 3 times, Last Stand twice, Demo Shout 6 times, and both of your trinkets 4 times. For your DPS abilities, you used Dragon Roar and Ravager 9 times, but Bladestorm only 8. Your defensive CD usage is a bit lower than I would look for on a 9.5 minute fight. You could have fit in 5 Shield Walls, 10 Demo Shouts, and 4 Last Stands. Realistically, I'd look for something like 4 Shield Walls, 3 Last Stands, and 8-9 Demo Shouts. You probably could have fit in another Bladestorm. Looks like you missed syncing it with Ravager right in the beginning.


Looking at your buffs, I see an uptime of 46.4% for Shield Block. This is fine since you don't have 2p. From your armory, I notice that you have no tier whatsoever. Do whatever it takes to get 2p minimum. Use your coins and impress upon your guild that 2p is an absolute game-changer. 8% seems really low, but it'll give you a huge boost in SBlk uptime. Not only is the procced SBlk free, but it does not put SBlk on CD. This allows your SBlk uptimes to be very similar to MoP SBlk uptimes with good play. It's incredible, to say the least.


I also see 30 Sudden Death procs, but I saw in your Casts page that you had only 3 Executes. How are you tracking your procs? Are you missing your procs because you're not seeing them? If you're simply choosing not to use them, you need to spec into something else. I see 8 Heroic Strikes and 8 Ultimatum procs, but from the graph, it looks like you may have let one Ultimatum proc go unused. Since HS is off the GCD, you should always be using it immediately when you get a proc.


Looking at your Healing tab, I see you used SBar 28 times and had an average size of 32k. WCL hasn't been taking Resolve into account for the average size, but I calculated your no Resolve max SBar to be 25.6k. I'm seeing the same sorts of discrepancies in my own logs. I'm very confused. Anyway, I'm just going to math. You had 2.22mil absorbs over the course of the fight from your SBars. With 28 SBar uses, that means your average size was 81.4k, so it seems like you are using SBar with 60 rage pretty consistently.


Looking at your Resources tab, I see that you gained 4340 rage and wasted 184 (4.23%). Your rage waste isn't egregious, but you still could have had three more SBlks or SBars. Make sure you're never capping off.


I'd expect about 400 GCDs for this length of fight. You'll lose some in the time it takes to go over to the boat on the hook, but otherwise, you should have close to that 400. From your Damage Done tab, I counted 337 GCDs used. So make sure you're on top of those. Additionally, I see you used Thunder Clap 42 times. It's damage is fairly low and that's 42 GCDs in which you could have gained rage and didn't.


Looking through the death logs on the first death you had, it looks like you died to attrition. It took almost 30 seconds, you used Shield Block several times, Shield Barrier several times, Enraged Regen, and Shield Wall. However, it looks like you took a hit or two from a turret and that was a contributing factor in your death. You did try quite hard to recover, though.


The second death may have been a wipe, if not you probably should have Shield Blocked some more. The log says your last usage was 28 seconds before your second death.


I'll try to get to some more fights tomorrow, but it's a bit late for me now. I hope this helps.

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Thank you for all the work. I really appreciate it. Sudden Death is tracked by a WA but I stupid turned off my sound during that fight and the animation isn't visual enough on its own. Secondly, it is a poor choice for that fight as I am having so many issues with death on that fight. I will probably go with US and use HS with the stacks are at 6 as it doesn't affect my survivability nearly as much provided I play it better. I did have one question though. Do you really think Thunder Clap is not worth using considering it is a 3 target fight? I do my best (meaning about 90% of the time) to use it in place of devastate in order to refresh Deep Wounds on all three targets. While I understand the survivability argument (which is definitely in question considering my deaths) I figured it was a decent tradeoff in general. Once again I cannot impress on you how grateful I am for this.

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No problem! If you want to point me at 1-2 other fights you're struggling on specifically, I'll take a look at those as well.


US at 6 stacks has fairly low damage, you could consider going with HR since you already have a pretty good uptime on SBlk and it'll have a minimal or null effect on survivability.


It isn't so much a question of damage for Thunder Clap. Its damage on three target is likely to be greater than a single Devastate.  When you prioritize Thunder Clap, you miss out on the possible 10 rage from a Devastate crit and the possible Sword and Board proc, so all in all, it's a fairly substantial loss of potential rage. If you want to use it just to refresh or apply Deep Wounds, you could use Glyph of Resonating Power to get more damage out of that GCD. You could also tab target and apply Deep Wounds with Devastates, which would be a compromise between damage and survivability.

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