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Sub logs + questions

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I did 5 min boss encounter and made logs from it.




And 2nd encounter (ninja pulled so no good opener)



Still DPS is not great for my gear. Can anyone take a look and maybe find any mistakes?


I Start:

Preparation->SnD->Potion->Ambush->Backstab if not 5 points up->wait for energy to regen->Shadow reflection->Berserking->Rapture->Shadow Dance


I maintain Hemo+ Rapture.

I do not do hemo when I am in Finding Weakness.

I do Vanish ASAP unless Finding Weakness is up.

I wait for energy to regen before Shadow Dance.


Am I doing sth wrong?

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after spending a few hours playing sub myself this is what works for me. change shadow focus for subterfuge


opener: garote-> ambush on the last second of subterfuge->hemo->shadow reflection along with trinkets, racials etc->shadow dance


hope this helps

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Lip is right


Using Hemo for cp isn't a great choice, especially when Find Weakness is up, because 1 BS will hit for more than Hemo + Bleed. 


The only time Hemo is a dps increase over BS is when the Bleed is not already on the target and Find Weakness is down. this is because the armor reduction on BS causes it to deal slightly less damage than Hemo with the Bleed ignoring armor.


  • Prepot
  • Premed
  • SnD
  • Garrote
  • Ambush (might get off 2 inside Subterfuge)
  • Wait for energy regen and cp generation from HaT
  • Shadow Reflection
  • Rupture
  • Shadow Dance

The only time I've found the above changing is when we open with Lust I add some BS casts after the last Ambush to avoid energy capping with the increased regen.


If you have Scales and it procs right away, you'll want to get SR and Dance up right away cause you don't want to lose the huge damage boost. Skip the waiting if this is the case 

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