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[US-Gilneas][H] <Newbpocalpyles> 1/7M 3/10H

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Greetings everyone!


We are Newbpocalpyles. A small but tight knit group of semi-hardcore raiders looking for more like-minded folk to push through to Mythic raiding in WoD.


Brief history: We are a small group of players that have known each other for the better part of 15 years, some of us since Everquest vanilla days. Our raid leaders were involved in the formation of Assent, the Everquest guild that was #1 Worldwide progression through many expansions. We have also been involved in WoW since beta, and have been in some of the top guilds worldwide in the past. However we have all grown up, and have lives, and can not dedicate that much time to raiding anymore. That being said, raiding is our passion, it is in our blood.


We have now cleared 1/7M and 3/10H. We have the numbers to begin progression on Mythic but are still recruiting to fill in the gaps for a better make up. As we transition to Mythic, raid spots will have to be earned.


Our current raid times are

Tuesday - 10PM-12AM

Wednesday - 9PM-12AM

Sunday - 8PM-12AM (usually stop early, long night)

All times are EST.


We also do many catch up runs on heroic Highmaul, or normal BRF to gear up our lesser geared players on other days. These raids are definitely not required but encouraged.


Currently looking for


Druids - Balance, tank, feral

Monks - Any

Paladin - Holy

Priest - Shadow primarily, but will strongly consider Holy/disc as ours have Shadow OS

Shaman - Any

Warrior - Tank


That being said we will look at and consider any exceptional applicant. Please PM me with your details or find me in game at Sheave#1325 to chat. We look forward to hearing from you!

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