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Anyone could help me with my Frost DPS?

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Hey guys, just registered to the forums here! 


Was wondering if anyone could see what I could do to improve my DPS as a frost DK, using 2h's?


Latest Gruul kill:



Armory link: 



I am aware of the fact I use my runes too fast on Obliterates, so this is something I have to work on, but apart from that, what else can I do better?


Any tips are appreciated! :)

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A few things that stand out in your logs:

-You are capped on RP allot, try to get a few FS in between swings

-SR usage needs to go up

-Disease uptime can be higher

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Your defile damage seems a bit low, is the boss marinating in it? you want to make sure they stay in it the full duration, also remember your initial size of defile is smaller than DandD so your aim must be perfect. 

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