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Need Help for my guild mate (shadow)

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First of all, macro Shards of Nothing to your Mind Blast, so that the trinket is used first, and Mind Blast is cast second.


Looking at Gruul: Heroic: Kill


Huh... I'm not seeing anything wrong with your casts... I've looked at them really closely.  That being said, you are 20% percentile (0% worst, 100% best) for this fight for your gear bracket. 


A guess the only recommendation I can give is to tighten up your  rotation a bit.  I'm seeing some variation in time between MB casts.  It should always be used as it's coming off cooldown. 


Consider reenchanting, or as gear gets replaced enchanting, for crit.  It's not a bad stat for CoP, and Auspicious Spirits loves the stat dearly.  In general, Mastery works best on fights with very little movement, and BRF sports few such fights. 


Looking at beastmaster only briefly... Consider Specing Auspicious Spirits, Shadowy Infusion, and Glyph of Mind Harvest for this fight.  My guild's have some trouble, but if I make it to that fight this tonight I'm going to be attempting this and I suspect I'm going to top the meters.  I do a ton more damage on that fight with Auspicious than without, but I'm also the only person dealing with Spears for half the fight. 


I hope I've been a little help.  You're actually further progressed than I am =P

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Thank you very much Brutalpriest for given feedback. I already told my shadow mate your notes...
If you have time I / we would be very thankful if you could analyse some other bosses aswell

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