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Opening 555 card packs

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I have played Hearthstone as F2P for a while, casually and mostly arena. This season I started playing ladder seriously, and opened up about 120 packs I got from playing arena and quests. Got enough cards to build a solid FaceHunter, and rushed trough to rank 5.


Then of course it become much more difficult, but I managed to get to rank 3 after a while. Then I was outclassed by really bad matchups for my deck, like control warriors, druids and priests. Being ok with Mech Mage and Paladin, the meta was not favourale enough to climb onwards.


So this is when I wanted to switch decks and build some nice control decks, but for that, you need to have some of the great legendaries.

And since I have a live, a familiy, and a good job, but not so much time, I decided, hell, lets get these packs. So I bought 555 of them, and quite happy with the result!




I find it a bit strange that I got two legendaries 3 times, which is statistically quite unlikely - but overall I do not complain.


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